Global Perspectives: Africa - Shared screen with speaker view
Carolyn Jasinski
Welcome to all joining us for today's inaugural Global Perspectives hosted by Northeastern's Young Global Leaders!
Sarah Balal DiLillo
Hello from Boston! Special thanks to our hosts and presenters!
Kathleen Holtz
Thank you for providing this content YGL! This is a wonderful way to start the day in Boston.
Greetings from Boston and thanks to the YGL for taking the lead on this new and innovative program.
Ayo Oyebanjo
Please bare with us Karen.
Ayo Oyebanjo
Richard Wamai
This discussion is essential especially given little coverage of Africa in discussions of COVID-19. I applaud the organizers and panelists and thank President Aoun for addressing the meeting. It is also timely as Northeastern has just published my expert analysis on the effect of vaccine-preventable diseases: https://news.northeastern.edu/2020/05/27/cases-of-covid-19-remain-relatively-low-in-africa-but-the-disease-is-still-having-an-outsized-effect-on-the-continent/
Kathryn Thifault
Please, post any questions you might have in the Q&A chat function. We look forward to taking your questions!
Caroline Guény-Mentré
For those asking about our panelists, sharing their bios again. Nnena Nkongho :Since 2016, Nkongho has been a principal at Digital Growth Africa (DiGAME), an investment company founded to support the digital transformation of the African continent. She is responsible for sourcing and executing DiGAME’s investments, ranging from $2 million–$10 million in high-growth, African entrepreneurial companies that leverage technology to sustainably deliver goods and services and rapidly scale across markets. She has 16 years of global experience in identifying, building, and capturing value for, and on behalf of, corporations and funds. Nkongho is a current Kauffman Fellow, has a master’s in business administration from Columbia Business School, and earned a bachelor’s at Princeton University.
Carolyn Jasinski
@nancydorner Panelists info is Oye Hassan-Odukale, Leadway Assurance Company LimitedNnena Nkongho, Principal at Digital Growth AfricaRotimi Williams, Owner of Kereksuk Rice Farm and former journalistModerated by: Bassel Jounblat (DMSB’17), Young Global Leader, Investment Professional at Peninsula Capital Advisors
Caroline Guény-Mentré
Oye Hassan-OdukaleFrom 1994–2020, Hassan-Odukale held the position of managing director and CEO of Leadway Assurance Company Limited, a foremost underwriting firm in Nigeria. His appointment was preceded by more than 15 years of experience in insurance brokerage, underwriting, investments, and general management. Hassan-Odukale is a recipient of the national honor Member of the Order of the Federal Republic, and he sits on the board of several blue-chip companies in Nigeria. He earned his bachelor’s and master’s in business administration degrees from the University of Houston and is also an alumnus of Lagos Business School and Harvard Business School.
Caroline Guény-Mentré
Rotimi WilliamsThe second-largest rice farmer in Nigeria by land size, Williams is an entrepreneur dedicated to transforming agriculture in Africa. Having experienced the devastating effects of the farmer and herdsmen crisis, he created Resolute 4.0, a tech startup to bridge the communication gap between volatile agricultural communities in rural Nigeria and security agencies. Prior to his entry into farming, Williams established a structured trade and commodity finance company and consulted for small agricultural startups seeking to raise capital locally and internationally. He sits on the Board of the Nigerian Army Farms and Ranches and received master’s degrees at both the University of Aberdeen and the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London.
Aspa Papanastasiou
Thank you to YGL for organizing this inaugural event and to our speakers for offering insights to the current situation in Africa. I would like to ask the panelists if there have any interactions between industry and higher education institutions in Nigeria or other African countries in terms of research support or exchanges on curricula development. Some trends we hear about globally, given COVID 19, are telehealth, telemedicine, data analytics (numbers from hospital cases and analysis), workspace redesign and safety precautions. At Northeastern we are currently engaged with our global partners (employers and other institutions) on such discussions. Long question but I wanted to provide some context.
Thank you for this informative session!!
Joe Banda
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